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26 March 2024

EMS GBT airpolisher

Our progressive, revolutionary, painless, world leader in GBT ( guided biofilm therapy) airpolisher makes gum disease a thing of the past.

It is so painless that even your tongue can be cleaned too.

And what’s more, it also whitens your teeth.

Check out this video which explains it on YouTube

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03 July 2020

Cavity fighting lollys for sale

loloz cavity fighting lollys
Due to high demand and difficulty getting these lollys over the internet, we have sourced them and they are available here @ The Fresh Breath Clinic. Orange flavour or berry flavour.

Did you know there are lollipops that kill the bacteria that cause decay?
They contain an extract from the liquorice plant that can do this effectively without harming anything else in the mouth.

It is a scientifically advanced and effective way to help reduce decay and cavities, that’s also tasty!
You can now purchase them from us here at The Fresh Breath Clinic.
1 kit contains 20 lollipops, to be consumed twice daily morning and night, for 10 days consecutively. A revolutionary new way to save yourself from the pain and cost of tooth decay.
One packet for €50 and 3 packets for €100

Combining the precise amount of herbal extract with Healthygrid’s Loloz great tasting, fruit flavoured sugar free recipe, creates a lollipop that helps maintain healthy teeth for people that are at risk of cavities.

Share this great advice and information with all your friends!

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30 April 2020


COVID UPDATE 30/04/2020

As we are still on Covid Lockdown, dentists have been asked to refrain from routine dental treatment. One thing we are sure of is that we will have to reduce the number of patients we see daily in order to maintain a safe environment for both the dental team and the patients. You will be contacted in the near future if you have an appointment coming up and we will either rearrange (in order to safely space out our appointments) or confirm it with you.
During this Lockdown we have been busy taking emergency calls and seeing to several emergencies in the clinic. But most importantly we have been preparing our surgery for a safe return once the Covid Lockdown is lifted.

Here is a brief outline of your new dental visit immediately post COVID lockdown.

Please click the button below

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20 March 2020

COVID-19 Update

From March 23rd we will be working on an emergency basis only. So all routine fillings,root canal treatments and scale and polishes will be postponed until we have acquired the personal protective equipment that is sufficient to stop any risks of passing on this contagion. Basic treatments for emergency and examinations should still be possible but this too is subject to change.

These guidelines have been given to all dentists in Scotland by their chief dental officer and they make a lot of sense if we are to slow the spread.

Thank you for your patience and by sticking to the rules of social distancing and isolation we will hopefully put a stop to rampant spread of CoV 19.

As soon as things return to normal you will be first to know.

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09 August 2019

Welcome, Baby Annie!

We would like to welcome little baby Annie Dorothy into the world. Andrea gave birth to Annie on the 3rd of August.
Congratulation to both Andrea and Hugh. We all wish you the very best.

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