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30 April 2020


Here is a brief outline of your new dental visit immediately post COVID lockdown.

1-You will notice the first change in your reminder emails .
Here we ask you to enter all personal and medical details that we would normally do in the surgery via a secure link in the email reminder we send. You will be asked for your surname and date of birth. After that it should be simple enough, just fill out all the information asked for. It will then deliver it to your chart at The Fresh Breath Clinic. This will reduce time in surgery and allow a more contactless arrival once you arrive for your appointment.

2-Our next big change will be waiting in your car.
You can ring the buzzer or call us, to let us know you’ve arrived. Your car will act as your waiting room. This allows the social distancing required at present. We have room in our waiting room for one person, maximum two, if you cycled or walked but you will be required to wear a mask and gloves if you are using it. We will be encouraging you come into the building on your own if possible. If bringing a child, we would advise just one parent/guardian accompany them.

3-Next, you will notice our sanitising station at the entrance.
Here you will be asked to clean your hands and a staff member will take your temperature contactlessly. Some brief Covid questions will be asked and your Covid status will be required if you know it.

4-On entering the surgery both the dentist and nurse will be covered top to toe in the necessary personal protective equipment so don’t be alarmed. It can be a bit daunting at first, but we are protecting both you and ourselves from any airborne pathogen risks. Before you leave the surgery we will make your next appointment time.

5-When leaving the surgery to pay we would prefer credit cards/contactless payments. We are working on a mobile to mobile payment system, but in the meantime we have a credit card machine which we disinfect between patients.

6-And lastly on departing from the surgery, if you have gloves or mask on, you may wish to discard them in the bin at the door.

Because we need more time between patients, we would like to remind all patients that we are learning the process too so might not be speedy enough initially and ask for your patience.

The Health and Safety of our patients and staff is paramount; so rest assured, we are working right now on making our dental environment the best we can during this crisis.

In the meantime, we are at work every day, so please don’t hesitate to call on 01-2981801/01-2986372; we will assess and advise you over the phone (or video call) and treat dental emergencies whenever necessary.

The Fresh Breath Clinic