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25 March 2020

Covid Update

stay at home

We will be seeing emergency patients only from now until 19th of April 2020
You will receive a call over the next couple of days to reschedule your appointment if it is for routine treatment and cleanings.

Hopefully we will help slow down the spread of this terrible virus without necessitating a ‘lock down’ approach.
The only sensible approach for us , as healthcare workers, is to eliminate as much as possible our AGP ( aerosol producing procedures)
and if it is needed, to use all necessary precautions.

Please call first on 2981801 if you have an emergency and we will go through some questions for our rule 1.

We need our environment to stay COVID free so please see our rules below if attending with an emergency.

Rule number 1-

a) If you have been away within the last three weeks, please call to reschedule.
b) If you know or have been in contact with anyone who might have COVID-19 please call to reschedule.

Rule number 2-

If you have symptoms of a common cold (ie.cough, fever, fatigue, shortness of breath, sneezing) please call to reschedule.

Rule number 3-

If attending you will be asked to
1-wash your hands,
2-fill out a questionnaire
3-refrain from re-infecting by NOT touching your face.
4-We may take your temperature, with your permission.
5- proper coughing etiquette will be expected at all times.
6- social distancing will be practiced at all times, barring dental treatment.

Rule number 4-

We are operating a ‘one person only’ policy in the waiting room so if it is already occupied you will be asked to wait in your car until called in. Patients coming on foot will get waiting room priority. Only one person in our waiting at any time will provide the social distancing that is necessary. In tripling our procedures and ensuring cross infection control between all patients to the highest level, extending to disinfecting the waiting room between each visiting patient, we will need more time, so you may need to wait a little longer than usual. We will endeavour to keep waiting times to a minimum.

Please check out our FaceBook page to check on extra updates we may have.

Together, we will get through this difficult time.

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