We are grateful to all our patients who take the time to write about their experience at The Fresh Breath Clinic. For more testimonials, please visit our WhatClinic page.

February 2016

Febuary 2016 ” We all get the highest quality of service”  Sheena

I have been attending the Fresh Breath Clinic for almost 10 years now and cannot recommend the practice highly enough. Danielle and her amazing team have an excellent way of putting patients at ease, in particular children. I also feel we all get the highest quality of service and value. Thanks girls.

February 2016

Febuary 2016 “Treatment is always pain free”  Niall

I have been attending The Fresh Breath Clinic in Churchtown for a number of years now and have nothing but the height of praise for Danielle and all her staff. I have never been treated with anything but the friendliest and most professional care and attention. All aspects of dental care are provided with the emphasis at all times on prevention of deterioration of existing teeth and gums. Parking is a pleasure and the treatment is always pain free - not an insignificant consideration!

February 2016

Febuary 2016 “Makes a visit to the dentist almost enjoyable”  Michael

The title ‘Fresh Breath Clinic’ captures this place well. There is a business-like but very friendly approach throughout. Appointments are definitive, with little or no waiting around and the service delivers what it says on the tin. Work done is, as expected, to a high professional standard but also very sensitive to client needs. Makes a visit to the Dentist, almost, enjoyable!

August 2015

August 2015 “Fantastic experience during my tooth bonding”  Patrick

Wow. My first ever visit to a dentist. I had heard and grew up hearing scary stories of dentists, but this was totally the opposite. So, visiting a dentist for the first time ever at 31 years of age could be both a nervous and daunting task. The doctors really made me feel relaxed and were awesomely nice and professional. It was really lovely and I got my broken tooth of ten years ago fixed. Now I can smile happily. I also did some teeth clean up, it was really fantastic.
All smiles from everyone I met, both the doctors and all patient’s leaving. Really fantastic experience for me. I couldn’t help but smile also when leaving after my tooth bonding. I will definitely recommend to anyone and everyone.

July 2015

July 2015 “The best dental practice i have ever attended.”  Richard

I could not rate these guys more highly. Without doubt it is the best dental practise I have been to. Dr Colbert is fantastic. When I first came in I needed a lot of work but I was put on a fantastic plan and now my mouth is in a lot better shape. They are great when you are sitting in the chair, you are talked through everything and pictures are taken throughout the process so excellent records are kept both you and them. If anyone is looking for a dentist I would 100% recommend these guys.

July 2015

July 2015 Finally a dentist that i do NOT dread going to see actually the opposite!  Neasa

Trips to the dentist used to fill me with dread but all that has changed since I started attending the Fresh Breath Clinic. The staff are very warm and welcoming and Dr. Colbert put me at ease from the start. On my first visit I was given a full examination, a plan was put together and the costs were discussed upfront. All appointments have been pain free and I really feel in safe hands at the Fresh Breath Clinic.

July 2015

May 2015 Hygiene Appointment Emma

Competent and very knowledgeable”
“Eimear was my hygienist on my recent visit to the clinic. It had been two years since I got my teeth cleaned so she had lots to do!! I found Eimear to be competent and very knowledgeable. She put me at ease immediately and gave me lots of advice of how best to floss and care for my teeth. She is extremely thorough and I left the clinic delighted with the results.
I will return in 6 months as advised by Eimear for my next clean.

The clinic was recommended to me by a friend, I found it to be spotless bright and airy and there is no issue with parking which is a bonus!! I would highly recommend both Eimear and the Fresh Breath clinic.”
Treatment Received : Teeth Cleaning

September 2014

Christian Maher, Dublin

My Implant changed my life…THANK YOU!

Dear Dr. Colbert,

I’m writing to THANK YOU for convincing me to replace my ugly and unreliable
dental bridge with a dental implant for my front tooth which
I lost in a snow related accident when I was just 10 years old. For over 25
years I lived with a dental bridge which looked ugly and made me feel
self-conscious of smiling. More worryingly on a day to day basis the bridge
often fell out and always at the most inopportune times making eating
a challenge. As a young lad my friends would comment that I must be the only
person on the planet to eat pizza with a knife and fork. I just couldn’t
risk biting into anything that might make the bridge fall out. If pizza was
a problem, apples where a definite no no along with anything else I couldn’t
eat with the side of my mouth. Looking back at family photographs my smile
was always a closed mouth smile and on the odd occasion where I was
caught out with an open mouthed smile I would cringe at the ugly looking
bridge which seemed to stick out a mile away.

I must have had the dental implant for the best part of a year before I
realised how much the accident so many years ago had impacted my life. A
fear of apples and smiling where just the tip of the iceberg. Now I’m always
ready with a bright confident smile for the cameras and have re-discovered
a love for apples. I can now bite into a big juicy apple with confidence and
as a result my diet has improved along with my confidence.

I never would have opted for a dental implant in a million years had it not
been for your gentle encouragement. I wrongly presumed I’d end up with a
fake looking smile but instead I now have a natural, confident smile. I just
wish I’d done it 20 years ago!

I would strongly recommend dental implants for anyone with a similar dental
issue to mine, the procedure has genuinely improved my life and is worth
every penny of the treatment cost.

Eternaly grateful,
Christian Maher

March 2014

Nadya, Dublin

Best cleaning I have ever had
Were you pleased with the treatment?
Very good clinic, best cleaning I have ever had, extremely thorough, modern, great manner, clearly know what they are doing.

Even though this is out of my way and not close to home or work, I will make this my regular dentist.
Dentist Consultation and cleaning

March 2014

Juliet, Churchtown, Dublin

Delighted, Dr Colbert convinced me at the age of 58 that dental implants were possible, having been subjected to wearing dentures for forty years. She is an amazing Dentist,professional, reassuring, considerate. Her staff are also wonderful and at all times reassured me at all stages.
Yes without doubt, her staff were equally professional friendly and courteous.
Would you return for further treatment?
Yes,Yes yes