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Tongue Tie Correction

Here at The Fresh Breath Clinic we have been correcting tongue ties with soft tissue laser technology for the past ten years.

Tongue Tie or ankyloglossia as it is referred to medically, is a congenital oral anomaly where the fold (or lingual frenulum) which attaches the tongue to the floor of the mouth is shorter than normal and prohibits normal tongue movement. It may cause feeding (in infants), speech and mechanical problems.

The majority of cases can be easily corrected by cutting the fold using either a scalpel or diode laser. We use a diode laser technique instead of the conventional surgical technique for this procedure as it offers the following advantages:

1. Minimal bleeding as it cauterises as it cuts
2. No need for sutures
3. Less surgery time and it’s done under Local anesthesia and sometimes only topical anesthesia. No need to General anesthesia or admission into Hospital.
4. Wound contraction and scarring are decreased
5. No postoperative infection risks and no need for antibiotics or analgesics
6. Despite initial slow healing the overall recovery time is faster

We will instruct all our lingual frenectomy cases on post operative care for the site/wound healing and demonstrate tongue exercises that must be done for up to 2 weeks post operatively.